Go-to-market (GTM) with New Products/ New Markets
Make informed decisions while entering a new market or launching a new product

Digital & Social Media Marketing
Assess the returns from your promotional investments in the digital domain.

I-SNAPS: Building the Perfect Retail Shelf
Monitor the quality of your investments in retail displays, realtime.

I-CONNECT: Hyper Local Marketing & Building Communities
Choose to focus/test your marketing investments on specific geographies.

Customer Experience Measurement
Automate your customer experience measurement & accurately predict growth.

Idea Screensers & Concept Evaluation
Shortlist and focus your investments on winning ideas and concepts, early.

Multi-Media Campaign Impact Analytics
In-depth understanding and analysis of multimedia campaigns.

Consumer Promotion Impact Analytics
It is a tool to measure the impact of your promotional activities and investments.

Below The Line (BTL)/ Activation Impact Analytics
Efficiently assess & analyze your major events & activation programs.

Brand Due Diligence
Evaluate the strength and weaknesses of a brand across the sales and marketing domain

iDigitise - Digital Transformation & Growth
Grow your business through digital transformation

D2C Brand Launch
Grow your business through digital transformation

Brand Extension
Grow your business through digital transformation

Realtime Dashboards
Grow your business through digital transformation

WhatsApp Marketing & Automation Platform

E-Com Launchpad
Launch & Grow Your Online Business